Access Control

Akcess BioMetrics products
Bio2Touch (B2T) is the low cost version of the BioTouch family for those seeking the basic functions of fingerprint recognition.  The B2T, commonly used for access control, interfaces with security panels that accept standard Wiegand input formats.  The B2T can operate in a variety of networks for device management and time zone control.  The B2T is simple in design that accepts the same optional building blocks as the Bio4Touch for future expansion.

Product Specifications
Supply Voltage 12 to 24VDC
Power Consumption <5 Watts
Operating Environment Ambient Temperature 0degC - 60degC
Humidity 10 - 90%RH
Dimension 137.8mm x 110.8mm x 44.0mm
Weight <0.5kg
Fingerprint Storage 720 users (Basic Option)
Expandable to 4400 Users
Event Log Capacity 20,000 records (stored in non volatile memory)
Communication Interface RS232/RS422/RS485
Options (external): Ethernet, Modem
Microcontroller 8 bit 16Mhz
Memory 16Mbit Flash
LEDS 3 (Three colors each)
Keypad 15 membrane keys (3 function keys)
Standard Built In Feature HID compatible prox reader
External Options Modem, Ethernet, Barcode Reader, Mag-Stripe
Internal Options Maifare Contactless Smartcard Reader
Fingerprint Sensor
Type Optical
Hardness 7.5 [MHOS]
Verification Speed <1 sec
Resolution 505 Dpi
Minutiae Size 400 Bytes (Encrypted)
Other Features

Auxillary Wiegand input
Supports AT Modem commands
Support standard and proprietary Wiegand formats
Up 3 fingerprints per User
Configurable time zones
Smart Capture (eliminates problems associated with bright sunlight)
Operates with TDM Lite, TDM Deluxe or TDM Professional

Using This Product

If you do not already have a Wiegand panel and wish to use the Access Control features then you will also need the Door Zone Controller

BioTouch Part Numbers
Bio2Touch 720 User Support B2T-720
Bio2Touch 4400 User Support B2T-4400
BioTouch Door Zone Controller BT-DZC